Product Documentation and help center

On this task, the aim was to assemble a technical team with the goal of building a shared document library system that is:
  • Easy to find (about NiceLabel products, services, tools, methodologies, and processes).

  • Written clearly, for the right audiences.

  • Sharable, available where and when needed.

  • Maintainable for the long term.

  • Usable in multiple output formats by using small “chunks” or “blocks” of information. Example of output formats: part of the answer to an RFI, a web page, or a standalone document.

My role as a UX manager was to assemble a team of technical writers and provide them with the technology they need to write once and publish to multiple channels.

To achieve this goal, it required me to handle the technical migration of the content from one platform (Flare) to a new modern platform (Paligo). Also migrate the translation and outputs for the new system. I configured the follwoing programs:

- Paligo for tehcnical writing

- Flare for exporting data

- Lingo for localization

- Zendesk for online help center

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