Build a UX team and promote design culture

On this task, the aim was to built a new UX team to transform our platform into a user centered system. A complex and ambitions B2B product. the goal was to support the company growth by making the platform easy to use. The entire process of designing label, automating the process, and deliver printing solutions via cloud on a global scale had to be usable for our business partners. Ease of use was what that differentiated the company from the competition. My role as a UX manager was to assemble a team of UX researcher and interaction designers that will be involved in almost all steps of the product development.

The team provided the following services:

Field research Face to face interviewing Creation of user tests Gathering and organizing statistics Creating personas Product design Feature writing Requirements writing Graphic arts Interaction design

Information architecture



Visual design

Taxonomy creation

Terminology creation


Presenting and speaking

Brainstorm coordination

Design culture evangelism

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