Label Design and low-code application builder software

On this project, the aim was to build a new flagship design software for a leading labeling company. A complex and but easy to use product that is available in three editions. The same software had to cover the needs of a wide spectrum of B2B businesses, from small bakery shops to multinational corporations.

The software doubled as a label designer and a low-code, but powerful application builder.

I was the lead front-end programmer. I architectured the front-end layer and instructed other programmers on how to program and work with WPF desktop technology.

My role as a lead UX designer and the lead front-end programmer was to architect and program the entire user experience. Employing customer-centered design methodologies and best practices, I started with user research and personas. I continued with user task-flows, experience maps, wireframing, prototyping, and user-testing. During the process, I identified potential roadblocks and stress-points and set out to design the most seamless experience.

The result was a high-impact product that made a lot of noise in the industry, received good reviews from users in the field, and helped boost the company's ambitious goals of growing by 30% yearly.

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